Thursday, August 5, 2010

my many projects..

Justin & Megan getting bloody
So yesterday (wed July 4th) was a photo shoot for my photo group I started called Gore Noir.  Gore Noir is basically an outlet for my blood loving tendencies and taste for the macabre.  Taryn of Missy D Photography is a wonderful photographer and always captures exactly what I have in mind when I'm planning these things out. (although I admittedly don't always have the full concept formed all the time)  For yesterdays shoot I called on my friends Megan and Justin (see picture to left) to play the role of young girl and axe murderer respectively.  I did some quick makeup on Justin (didn't do too bad of a job either!) and we were on our way to getting bloody! 

The whole concept was basically we were watching Megan inside the house unsuspectingly being watched through the window by our axe murderer Justin.  The murderer knocks her out and brings her back to his "lair" where she wakes up and gets the business end of our murderers axe.  The whole thing was really fun and came out quite well.  Click on the link above and check em out!  The next shoot we have planned will be with a new found friend who can breathe fire.. stay tuned!

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