Monday, August 9, 2010

Universal Life Church.. Rev. Mitch

that's my full name minus my middle name lol
Hooters, pitchers of beer, bowling alley bar, universal life church, marriage, new years bar wedding..  What do all of these things have to do with each other you ask?  Well that's a funny story!  The night started off at the local bowling alley bar that my friends and I frequent, where my friend Paul, his GF Robyn, and Nadir drop by and surprise us!  We end up leaving the watering hole and head over to a newly opened Hooters just a mile away to "check it out".  The fries were okay but who cares about that?  It's about drinkin' beers and staring at hooters right?  The "scenery" wasn't too bad.  (but having gone after this most of the scenery was actually trainers for the new staff)  We close out the Hooters and aren't done drinking yet so we get beer and head back to my friend Mike's house.  By this time we're all pretty much drunk as a skunk, and Paul and Robyn inform us they are getting married, that they have the license they just need a minister to sign it.  Me being quick on my toes I remember the online ordination process!  5 minutes later guess who's a Minister?  Yep!  Yours truly!  We do a drunken wedding and they're married! 

Waking up the next day I get a text from Paul saying he wants to hang out on new years and do a better and less drunk (ya right!) wedding in the city (San Francisco).  We all meet up and proceed to get drunk again on New Years. (I mean who doesn't get drunk on new years?)  At a little before midnight they have me do my song and dance (I really didn't dance that just a figure of speech) and they do their New Years Wedding kiss and TADA!  Mitch has officially performed his first wedding!  So who wants a crazy sideburned Minister to do their vows?  Great rates!  HAH!

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